“Vantage Point” (Short Form — MicroBlog)

image by Pexels

“A lot of what you see depends on where you’re sitting.” — My Father.

Very few people actively seek out multiple viewpoints and new life paradigms.

If there is “o” or “0” painted on a wall, most would describe it as a circle, a zero, or the letter “O”.

image by Pexels

Richard Feynman would see a hole.

But from yet another vantage point, you’ll see a wonderfully powerful spiral.

[image by Author]

Everything important in life should be examined from all angles.

Otherwise, your life will surely be short-changed.

In lak’ech, JaiChai

[image by Author]

This is Your TORUM Invitation.

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Originally published at https://hive.blog on December 16, 2020.



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I'm retired (U.S. military) and living on an island paradise with my girlfriend, teenage daughter and two dogs.