The Angel of Mercy, Assassins and the Absurdity of Life (A military jump-dive medic's story)

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From the Author -

The Angel of Mercy -

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Too much of a “Good Thing” -

The Dumb Schmucks -

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Assassins? -

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A Bad Day at work -

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  • Delete damaging/time-consuming emotions from your current scenario.
  • Help you mentally step out of a hazardous/time-sensitive situation to facilitate quick, often life-saving decisions objectively — as an observer, not a participant.

Pondering my PLF -

  • Maneuver (steer) into the wind, so the chute falls behind you. This is easily done during training jumps. One only has to orient himself into the opposite direction of the wind as indicated by a windsock (on land) or a boat’s flag (over water). Just think “stab yourself with the windsock or flag” and you’re going into the wind. But during real missions, one had to use other clues (e.g., whitecaps on waves, swaying branches of trees, etc.).
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon — don’t look down. Looking down makes the jumper incorrectly anticipate ground impact because of the illusion of “ground rush.” It also compromises the vertical posture needed to perform a good PLF.
  • Raise hands over your head, grasp, and hold onto the parachute risers throughout the PLF. This minimizes injuries to the shoulders, arms, and hands by preventing the chance of “flail” injuries — if you’ve ever stubbed your toe, replace your toe with an arm and you know what I mean.
  • Point toes downward and slightly bend the knees.
  • Tuck in the head (chin to chest).
  • Upon impact, immediately allow the body to roll laterally to whichever side that momentum, wind, and terrain moves your body.
  • Spread your impact force over the following parts of the body: balls of feet, calf, side of thigh, buttock, side of back, rear shoulder.

Ouch! That’s got’ta hurt! -

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