(JaiChai) Torum’s Eponym?

(image by Britannica)

Funnily, I stumbled upon torum.com in November of 2021 while doing research about lesser known ancient religions.

First, I came across a non-religious web entity named Torum, an underground nonprofit cybersecurity website residing on the dark web.

It was launched in May of 2017 and shut down by it’s administrator in August of 2020.

Then I found an ancient deity named ‘Num-Torum”.

“Num-Torum” (Numi-Torem or Numi-Turum) was the supreme god (or father god) of the Ugrian people.

After I joined Torum and was still a newbie Lander, I asked an admin if “Torum” referred to “Num-Torum”.

He neither confirmed nor denied that it was.

Instead, he quickly stated that the platform’s name is actually a contraction of the words “Tokenized” + “Forum” = “Torum”.

Now, hold that thought for a moment while we explore Torum’s “Clan EKVA”.

[But first, a personally significant aside:

Similar to the demonization of the “Swastika” — previously, a revered ancient religious symbol — by the actions of the Nazis in WWI, most Americans, especially African-Americans, do not immediately think of a close-knit “tribe” or a big, loving “family” when they read or hear the word “Clan”.

Instead, they think of the United States’ shameful history of racial discrimination and remember the violence and xenophobic terrorism by the Ku Klux Klan.]

Back on topic: Clan EKVA

Members contribute their activeness (EKVA) — an individual’s energy or “life fire” — to each Torum clan that they participate in (i.e., posting threads).

The higher the individual EKVA, the more active the Lander is rated; with the accumulated EKVA of all clan members reflecting how active the clan is.

Now think of this coincidence.

Within the pantheon of Ugrian deities, Naj EKva, a sibling of Num-Torum happens to be the “God of Fire”.

Imagine that?

(image by Torum)

May you and yours be well and enjoy your preferred holiday season.

In Lak’ech, JaiChai

(JaiChai 25 DEC 2021. Simultaneous multi-site submissions posted. all rights reserved.)



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I'm retired (U.S. military) and living on an island paradise with my girlfriend, teenage daughter and two dogs.