(JaiChai) — Science Fiction: “Tanis Richards” — from the “Aeon 14” Fan Art Collection

Inspired by M.D. Cooper’s “Aeon 14” series.

About Tanis Richards -

Tanis Richards was a female L2 human born on Mars in the Sol system. As a counterinsurgency officer for the Terran Space Force, she gained a black mark as the so-called “Butcher of Toro” due to a politically sensitive mission. With her career and her marriage in ruins, she and her AI partner Angela joined the crew of ISS Intrepid as chief of security for the final phases of construction, in exchange for passage aboard the giant colony ship to New Eden.

Misadventure after misadventure forced her to use all her skills to defend the Intrepid and her crew, passengers, and friends against mercenary attacks, sabotage, and even the Sirian Hegemony, desperate to crush a colony of escaped Noctus slaves allied to the Intrepid crew during a forced detour to Kapteyn’s Star. During this time, she was named general of the Intrepid Space Force and governor-elect of their planned colony. Repeated deep blends with Angela to win space battles against terrible odds triggered a change in her neurological makeup, setting her on the path to a full merge with her partner, and eventual ascension.

With the Intrepid diverted to the 90th century by a passage through Kapteyn’s Streamer, Tanis found an ally in Sera Tomlinson, daughter of the President of the Transcend, and ultimately battled their way to establish a new colony at New Canaan.

(Source: https://aeon14.fandom.com/wiki/Tanis_Richards)

This is #1 of 3 rare (only three minted), signed and non-watermarked NFTs of
“Tanis Richards” from the “Aeon 14” Fan Art Collection.

Available HERE:


When purchased, the NFT is totally yours to display, HODL or resell.

May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak’ech, JaiChai

(JaiChai 08 DEC 2021. Simultaneous multi-site submissions posted. All rights reserved.)



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