(JaiChai) “Ruminating on Mount Ararat” — Original Sci-Fi and Digital Art

“Ruminating on Mount Ararat”

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“Ruminating on Mount Ararat”

[Present Day]

Archangel Semper Fidelis found himself perched on the greater volcanic peak of Mount Ararat, the highest point in eastern Turkey and the Armenian Highlands with an elevation of 5,137 meters.

He had just completed a successful rescue mission of a 12 y/o girl who overdosed on seconal and was on his way home when he looked down and saw the peaks of the Greater Ararat and Little Ararat.

Feeling nostalgic, he decided to stop for awhile and see how the place has changed over the millennia.

The last time he was here was about two or three thousand years ago?

He wasn’t sure about the timeline ’cause the older he got, the faster the millennia seem to fly by.

[The Archangel frowned a little and let out a heavy sigh.]

Anyway, there was this human named Utnapishtim. Thousands of years, religions and story retellings later, Christians would know him by the name of “Noah”.

Utnapishtim was a good man and chosen by Enki, an Anunnaki and Fidelis’ good friend, to be spared from the great flood that Enki’s Anunnaki half- brother, Enlil, was about to put upon the Earth.

Enlil was a hothead. First, he was against creating humans and then later, he decided to kill them all for disturbing his sleep by “being too noisy”.

I think the term “being too noisy” in the Anunnaki vernacular means “reproducing too much and overpopulating the Earth”.

Back to Utnapishtim (or if you prefer, Noah).

Noah was tasked to build a huge, ocean vessel that would save him, his family and a sample of DNA from every living plant and animal on Earth from Enlil’s watery global reset.

But while Noah was building the boat, a small army, led by Lamech (a descendant of Cain), mounted an assault on Noah’s compound.

Lamech was Hell bent on taking everything that Noah had, including his family and the nearly finished “Rescue Ark”.

Since Enki’s involvement with saving Utnapishtim (oops, I mean “Noah”) had to he kept secret from Enlil and the rest of the Anunnaki, he called upon his friend Archangel Semper Fidelis for assistance.

Immediately, Semper came to his friend’s aid, no questions asked.

He joined the group of fallen angels protecting Noah and his family.

Led by a fallen angel named Samyaza, the group was called “The Watchers” (Aramaic עִירִין, iyrin).

Archangel S. Fidelis respected Samyaza.

They were both warriors and shared a deep fondness of humans, pledging to protect them always.

While fighting side by side with Fidelis, Samyaza was amazed by the young Archangel’s battle skills and now regarded Fidelis as a trusted fellow soldier and close friend.

(BTW, The Watchers’ story is chronicled in the Book of Enoch, a noncanonical exposition.)

Fidelis, Samyaza and the rest of The Watchers enjoyed smiting (aka “kicking some ass”) Lamech and his heathen band of dirty marauders.

Semper witnessed the flood and kept a close eye on Noah’s family.

The Ark weathered “forty days and nights” of torrential rain and harrowing seas.

Not really sure how a “day” was measured back then? I mean, people used to live over 100 human years during those days.

Thinking out loud, Semper quietly said, “The last time I saw Enki, Samyaza and Utnapishtim was from right here at the top of Mount Ararat.”

Semper can still remember the affable Enki saying, “See, my friend, I told you that boat — Ahem, THE ONE I DESIGNED — would make it! I had no worries…not!” (Lol)

(Note: The oldest written account of “The Flood” comes from Babylon. It’s inscribed on 12 stone tablets and called “The Epic of Gilgamesh”.)

[Fidelis smiled and exhaled another heavy sigh — this time, a happy one.]

“Ah yes, those were good times,” he thought…

[Submitted for your amusement.]

May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak’ech, JaiChai

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(JaiChai 31 Aug 2022. Simultaneous multi-site submissions posted. All rights reserved.)

Originally published at https://steemit.com on August 30, 2022.



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