(JaiChai) NFTs 2.0 — The JRC-1156J NFT Standard (Fiction?)

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(JaiChai) NFTs 2.0 -

The JRC-1156J NFT Standard (Fiction?)

-11 OCT 2025 — Third Anniversary of the JRC-1156J NFT Standard -

“It’s been three years since the “J” — a mysterious creater or group of creators — released the revolutionary JRC-1156J NFT Standard and ushered in the new era of “Whole Living NFTs”.

Back in OCT of 2021, “J” realized that the blockchain had effectively tackled the immutability (longterm permanence) and double-spend (counterfeiting) problems for digital currency.

And although the NFT craze was focused on art and music at the time, “J” envisioned something more for the future of NFTs.

He realized that NFTs, especially those based on the ERC (ethereum)/BRC (binance)/TRC (tron)/CRC (cardano)/PRC (polkadot), etc. -1155 Standard had the innate ability to tackle many of the world’s significant legacy problems; that is, identity, inclusion, exclusion, redundancy, complexity and regionality.

(image by leewayhertz.com)

Modifying the current NFT 1155 Standard, “J” added capabilities for ZK-Snarks level privacy, multi-chain operations, metadata KYC, personal health history, property ownership, asset ownership, current net worth, personal liquidity and so much more!

Merging the inherent strengths of permissioned blockchains (centralized, private distributed ledgers, permissionless, public blockchains and DAG/Gossip Protocol consensus platforms with the inclusivity and exclusivity strengths of NFTs, “J” released the JRC-1156J NFT Standard as free Open Source code on the internet.

Immediately every private/public corporation and every public/government institution rushed to launch products that exploited the JRC-1156J NFT Standard.

All were forced to play nice; that is, have optimum interoperability with each other or face being ostracized by the growing Global Digital Community and iron-clad agreements and mutually beneficial partnerships between nations, companies and Watchdog groups.

(image by keycreditrepair.com)

What resulted was truly revolutionary — a globally recognized, digital product that replaced personal signatures (much like the Hanko stamp in Japan), account passwords, QR-Codes, credit cards, net worth and real time liquidity, club membership data (e.g., air miles, purchase points, etc.), passports, property deeds, high school and university diplomas, professional licenses (i.e., Medical, Law, Teaching, Finance, Real Estate, etc.) technical, trade, apprenticeship and computer certifications (e.g., culinary, electrical, architectural, slaughtering/meat packing, plumbing, port and shipping, Microsoft, Apple IOS, Linux, OOP/Functional Programming Languages, etc.), marriage certificates and birth certificates; with more functionality being added every week!

Although there will always be naysayers and Luddites who shun the technology, the rate of adoption for the 1156J NFT Standard was unprecedented…”

Imagine that reality?

Submitted for you to ponder with like-minded individuals; then discussed in a civil manner with those who disagree.

May you and yours be well and love life today.

In Lak’ech, JaiChai

(JaiChai 11 OCT 2021. Simultaneous multi-site submissions posted. All rights reserved.)



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I'm retired (U.S. military) and living on an island paradise with my girlfriend, teenage daughter and two dogs.