(JaiChai) “Moonlight Ruminations” — Original Digital Art

Warning: Although this story is purely fictional, it contains material that may be disturbing to some individuals; namely, clinical depression, bullying and suicide.

If you, your friend or loved one is suffering and harboring such thoughts, please seek help and talk to someone ASAP.

“Moonlight Ruminations”

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From his favorite vantage point, the Warrior Angel named “Archangel Semper-Fidelis” was transfixed by the beautiful glowing moon.

Knowing that he may be summoned to serve at any moment, he savors the respite.

He ruminates about the beloved human he was sent to watch and protect, but almost lost!

Her name is Kimberly, a very sad 12 y/o girl that tried to kill herself this afternoon.

What caused her to do it?

Three weeks of non-stop bullying on social media by a group of mean and nasty classmates.

After school, she checked her account and was immediately greeted by a slideshow of disgusting, photoshopped images of her in all sorts of humiliating situations.

Feeling angry, violated and helpless, tears began running down her cheeks. She punched and screamed into her pillow.

Kimberly just wanted all this to stop and make the hurting go away, but didn’t know how.

She felt trapped in a hopeless situation, like trying to escape a huge, star-swallowing Blackhole after crossing the event horizon.

That’s when a switch in her brain got tripped. Suddenly, no more tears. And no more feelings of…anything?

Just the delicious relief one gets after finding the solution to a tough problem or to finally make a decision.

Like a movie on TV or a streaming Netflix show, she watched herself creeping into her mother’s bedroom.

The graveyard shift at the hospital didn’t start for another six hours and her mother, an ICU Nurse, was sound asleep — literally.

Her snoring sounded like someone trying to breathe through a half-filled snorkel or whenever the straw reaches the bottom of a milkshake.

Kimberly plucked the bottle of sleeping pills from her mother’s nightstand and stuffed it in the front pocket of her jeans.

Since her mother now sounded like a Japanese native slurping on some freshly made, steaming hot restaurant ramen, Kimberly didn’t bother to tip-toe out of the bedroom.

Smiling, she went to the kitchen, reached into the fridge and grabbed one of her mother’s wine coolers.

On the erasable marker board attached to the side of the fridge, she scribbled:

“Sorry Mom. I guess I’m just like Dad and taking, as you put it, ‘the easy and cowardly way out’. At least I can stop missing him soon. You probably won’t understand this, but I can’t take it anymore. I’m tired, so tired, Mom. It sucks to always feel shitty about myself. I haven’t eaten, slept or smiled for a long time. Please don’t blame yourself. This is all on me. Love you always, Kim.”

Two hours and another wine cooler later, Kimberly was comatose and rapidly going into shock.

Renal failure had begun, but her sclera or skin wasn’t yellow — yet. Hypoxia was deepening the bluish tint of her fingernail beds and lips.

Without intervention, total respiratory collapse, followed by cardiac arrest and death would occur in less than 30 minutes.

But then…

Out of nowhere (and everywhere), the Warrior Angel Semper-Fi appears by Kimberly’s side.

He wraps his wings around her, but nothing happens. Even the sound of his comforting voice or commanding blare of his Battle Horn doesn’t change her body’s death spiral.

“Big Chair Man, this is Archangel Semper Fidelis requesting immediate support! Over!”

“Semper-Fi, Big Chair Man. Support not available. I say again, no support coming. Over.”

“Big Chair Man, Archangel Semper Fidelis understands. No support inbound. IF IT BE YOUR WILL, I WILL…”

“Whoa! Stop! Semper-Fi, Big Man. Let me make this clear. Her story does not end today. Think. Think hard! You WILL save her Angel Semper-Fi. Is that understood? Over.”

“Big Man, Semper-Fi. Hoo-Yah! Understand. Kimberly’s story does not end today! Got an idea. Must act now. After action report pending. Over and out.”

“Semper-Fi, Big Chair Man. That idea of yours is perfect. Good on you, Son. Over and out.”

Twelve minutes later, 12 y/o Kimberly is in the back of an ambulance. Two large bore, antecubital IVs, and 100% supplemental O2 has been administered enroute. Receiving hospital’s staff was alerted and is currently standing by for Kimberly’s arrival..

[Epilogue -

MBC Directive 01.00 Series: Archangel Standards, Protocol and Regulations

1. Archangels may touch, talk and be seen by Principal Victims ONLY.

Any direct tactile, auditory or visual manifestations to third party bystanders is strictly prohibited.]

From: Archangel Semper Fidelis
To: MBC Chain of Command

Subj: After Action Report

1. Pursuant to MBC Directive 01.00 Series, I expedited the arrival of emergency medical care to the victim.

2. No direct tactile, auditory or visual manifestations to third party bystanders occurred.

3. Event Syntax:

A) I positioned myself between the victim and the front door and windows.

B) I forcefully flapped until I blew out the front door and windows.

C) The sound of the exploding front of the house and airborne debris caused a person (or persons) to call 911.

D) Enveloped the victim in my wings and waited for the ambulance.

E) Paramedics arrive within seven minutes post explosion.

F) Five minutes later, victim is in the emergency vehicle and enroute to St. Luke’s General Hospital.

Further details available upon written request.

Respectfully Submitted,

Archangel JaiChai S. Semper-Fidelis

[Submitted for your entertainment.]

May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak’ech, JaiChai

*A rare, signed, higher resolution and non-watermarked version of this image is available for download using CBD at:

(JaiChai 17 Aug 2022. Simultaneous multi-site submissions posted. All rights reserved.)



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I'm retired (U.S. military) and living on an island paradise with my girlfriend, teenage daughter and two dogs.