(IJCH) Municipal Transit: 4 Years and $40 Mln AI or 24–48 Hours and the cost of Growing Fungi?


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Municipal Transit: 4 Years and $40 Mln AI or 24–48 Hours and the cost of Growing Fungi?


Every major city of every country is struggling with the spaghetti mess of Municipal transit.

One solution is building tunnels (a la Elon Musk’s drilling of L.A.).

Another is the Tel Aviv-based logistical startup Optibus.

They have created software that shows a city’s bus routes from a bird’s eye view to make scheduling and routing become a better network.

With Optibus’ software, city officials will be able to improve quality, efficiency (fuel and time) in real time up to to 15%.

It took Optibus 4-years to come up with and test their AI and port it onto a web-based solution.


Slime mold (a type of Fungi) has already proven to do what Optibus does — and more — in about 24–48 hours and the only expense is the cost of growing it!


“What humans can learn from semi-intelligent slime”


And read this…

“Cities in motion: how slime mold can redraw our rail and road maps”


Researchers use organism’s search for food to work out efficient transport routes, divert around floods and even imitate rush hour.

Don’t you think whoever paid for Optibus got jipped?

FUN(gi) on!

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Originally published at https://steemit.com on December 16, 2018.



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I'm retired (U.S. military) and living on an island paradise with my girlfriend, teenage daughter and two dogs.