• Ali Akbar BISMA

    Ali Akbar BISMA

    Penulis Buku 3 Dunia Digital, Peneliti di #PAKARSEO, Pengamat Dunia Digital, Founder #BISMAGroup | Funder di #HILLAVentures | Filantropi #DIMADEKODEMI

  • LaurenHSimpson


  • 김혜인


  • Rashad Blossom

    Rashad Blossom

    Rashad Blossom is a Bankruptcy Lawyer currently working with his law firm of Blossom Law, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. more @ RashadBlossom.com

  • Claire


    Claire (darktyme.com)

  • Elessar Lore

    Elessar Lore

    A writer. Will update bio later when I’m not too lazy to write.

  • Lina Secret

    Lina Secret

  • Fausto Busuito

    Fausto Busuito

    I have always been fascinated by programming languages. I remember my first class at the University when the teacher showed us how to compile Java code. Magic!

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