After one week, I Unbricked & Restored my girlfriend’s Smartphone! (or How I learned how to hack into Android phones)


  • How to download a Windows iso using Linux. Why? Because the only other flashing tool was called “Odin” and only ran on Windows and Mac Operating Systems.
  • How to make a bootable Windows flash drive with a Linux package called WoeUSB.
  • How to install a dual boot (Windows/Linux) OS configuration.
  • All about mobile phone .tar. and .mdb files (Pit, BL, AP, CSC, HOME-CSC)
  • Understanding .mdb coes: country, bulid no., android version no. for resetting the Android OS.
  • How to unbrick a phone via OTG.
  • How to install FRP (Factory Rest Protection) release files via Odin (tool for flashing ROMs in Windows).
  • How to install and use ADB Tools for both Linux and Windows.
  • How to install and use MTP protocols for Linux and Windows.
  • How to unlock OEM, setup phone USB debugging, and Google account bypass with an FRP release file.
  • How to install Android version 9 (Pie) firmware.



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