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My last post on was over 6 months ago.

That’s when I was fed up with (IMHO) its unreasonable/impossible missions for earning, the ever-changing posting rules, a suspicious, pseudo-incestuous rewards system, the complicated off platform withdrawal procedures and its internal wallet run by their Discord bot.

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Yeah, their potential has yet to be fulfilled. And when the world sees it, they will be amazed.

So, what’s the next Future Megatrend in its infancy?

IMHO, it’s the “Metaverse”.

We are far from the world of “Ready Player One”, but that’s good for people like…

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Re: The Alien Code

Did you know that reputable, academically accredited professors and scientists have proven that there are nine instances of a repeating sequence in Human DNA?

These sequences are all iterations of the number 37.

Thirty-seven is the 12th prime number, a permutable prime with 73 (which is the 21st…

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(JaiChai) NFTs 2.0 -

The JRC-1156J NFT Standard (Fiction?)

-11 OCT 2025 — Third Anniversary of the JRC-1156J NFT Standard -

“It’s been three years since the “J” — a mysterious creater or group of creators — released the revolutionary JRC-1156J NFT Standard and ushered in the new era of “Whole Living NFTs”.

Back in OCT…

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IMHO, the best way to learn coding is to focus on the “Why” instead of the “How”.

Make it personal.

Focus on creating a program that solves a problem; better yet, a problem that’s been a personal thorn in your side.

In other words, make your foray into…

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It is wise to remember how post-war Japan went from “a maker of cheap, low quality products to the nation that dethroned ‘The Big three of Detroit’; that is, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles”.

You must throw anything you think you know about African…


I'm retired (U.S. military) and living on an island paradise with my girlfriend, teenage daughter and two dogs.

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